Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big fish small fish VFX story

 It's been quite interesting times for global VFX for the past couple of weeks, though these are troubled times but it is much needed phase of industry which is getting matured. I think we have to wait and see how we going to come out of it and as usual stakes are always high for all the parties involved.   

The issue have got enough attention in all media and thanks to all the grass root movements such as VFX Soldier, VFX Solidarity and VFX tipping Point. Also worth mentioning exceptional individuals such as Scott Ross, Scott Squires, Dave Rand who are in forefront of these movement and put up the recent VFX Townhall Google Hangout on this issue. 

I think Scott Squires explained issue in a global perspective on the above video and it is really good see the issue taken up on an international perspective as the VFX is a global business now.

I think the key point here is the leverage of the production studios and the artists taking toll on the bottom the pyramid. It is crucial to note that cut-rate VFX will look shabby whether it's done in India, China or in US. The point is to stop cutting cost on the VFX and treat VFX as an actual production rather than a secondary service. I believe the production studios respect for VFX will make the directors and producer respect the VFX facilities which will in turn make the VFX facilities blossom and make room for VFX artists make a normal career out of this business.  

 I can't stress how important for all of us to realize that there is enough work for everybody and all the efforts should be put into developing this industry as whole rather than looking at local issues.