Sunday, April 1, 2012

Update April 2012

I couldn't post anything last month due to my busy schedule, so here it goes. Well, I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria early this month to join as a Matte painter /  compositor at Worldwide FX on a 3 months contract to work on the film "The Expendables 2".

First of all, I am really enjoying the work and weather here. So far I been mostly working on matte paintings but hope to do some complex camera projections set up as well by the end of the deadline. I must say I am really privileged to work under veteran  matte painting supervisor Metin Gungor and to work alongside with bunch of talented & hard working fellow matte painters. It's been great experience so far and I hope to learn much more during my time here.

Another update back in India is the trailer release of much awaited film Eega, in which I  played important roles as a on-set VFX coordinator, Senior compositor and Matte painter. It is good to see that couple of environment shots and a comp shots that I worked  made into the trailer. The movie looks really promising for the local industry and I am wishing good luck to all my friends back in Makuta VFX to see this movie through its final lap of post production.