Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fusion 6 Advanced Materials

This video shows how to build a car paint shader inside Fusion 6. This particular feature looks very promising and it really shows how much compositing applications are getting closer to the 3D applications these days.

What I really found interesting is interactivity of this feature and its looks a lot like the procedural shaders in Maya Hypershade. Since this is happening inside a compositing application like Fusion I felt its even more interactive than Hypershade in Maya. There is also this tutorial on building Anisotropic Highlights which will help us to understand anistropic attributes in detail.

I believe most of the people have reached a point where they don't know about the basics of shaders since everything is readymade for them even in basic 3D apps so its very insightful to create these shaders or their properties from scratch inside a compositing app.

There are other bunch of new features in Fusion 6 and especially on 3d side of things. Visit eyeon website for more details and also check out few notes on new features like 3D Fog(not just affects the depth but also the color), Transmittance, Composite Materials and many more at
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